Image processing projects

Image processing is the focus of our engineering services. It can be either a pure software project as well as a complete device, such as the DotScope act consisting of a mechanism, an optimized recording optics and illumination, possibly an electronic and an image processing application. We can draw on a broad base of its own image processing algorithms.

Software development

C, C# with Visual Studio.

Software development

Example: Development of a control software for a semi-automated measuring station. Control of a stepper motor and calculation various angles.

Electronics development

Microcontroller circuits based on the ARM Cortex M family.

Electronics development

Example: Development of a controller with an STM32 processor including firmware. Communication with a connected PC. Control of a stepping motor. Various IOs. Step-Up and Step-Down DC converter.

Mechanical construction

3D CAD System SpaceClaim.

mechanical construction

Example: development of a receptacle for a engraving tool for exact clipping onto a mandrel.