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Database application

DotScope, the quality assurance tool, offers
new functions for anilox roll management. With the database application you can manage all rolls and cylinders in the simplest way.

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Application flexo plates and rolls

With the DotScope you can perform both 2D and 3D flexo measurements. Applications as dot per­cen­tage measure­ment, dot compression simulation, profile cuts and undercut measure­ment, series measurement and creation of reports are rather fast to do.

What our customers say:

  • I got a question from one of our customers regarding the proper microscope to measure the cylinder cells. I would like to recommend your DotScope as the only good choice.
    Tomasz Płatek, Production Manager
  • Perfect, with DotScope we can make our measurements much faster. Instead of a half hour we make it in five minutes !
    Bernd Lensch, Manager Assembly